Below is a list of local organisations that offer support to men, whether it happened recently or not


For more information on each organisation and the services they offer, please use the links provided for their individual websites.


Serving Thames Valley

Slough & Bicester

0800 970 9952

Solace Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) is located at two sites, Bicester and Slough. We provide coordinated, forensic, counselling and aftercare services to men, women and children living in Thames Valley who have experienced rape or sexual assault, recent or non-recent.

Our specialist team can offer you:

  • Emotional and psychological support

  • Medical care, including sexual health and emergency contraception

  • Practical help

  • Free counselling for you, and family or friends

  • Information about making a report to the police

  • Anything you tell us is confidential and you can also speak to us anonymously


Swindon & Wiltshire SARC

01793 781916

At the SARC, our crisis workers offer the right support at the right time. We can offer:

  • Crisis support

  • Risk and needs assessment and safety planning

  • Comfortable clothing (if yours have been taken for evidence)

  • Toiletries and an opportunity to shower

  • Space and time for you to decide what happens next


Sexual offence examiners (employed by G4S) are a team of highly skilled and experienced doctors and nurses who are trained to carry out a range of interventions to support you during your time at the SARC. These include:

  • Risk and needs assessment

  • Emergency contraception

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Sexual health advice

  • Forensic medical examination


Serving Berkshire

0118 958 4033


  • Helpline - Confidential phone line for people affected by rape and sexual abuse to access emotional support, information and signposting. It doesn’t matter what has happened, we’re here to listen and to provide support in whatever way we can. Your call would be answered by volunteers who have received specialist training and can support you to find information, to get in touch with services or to listen.

  • Specialist Counselling for Adults - We offer a specialist one-to-one counselling service for people affected by rape, childhood sexual abuse and all forms of sexual violence with volunteers who have a qualification in counselling or are in their final year of training. Each volunteer counsellor has undergone an extensive induction on working with sexual violence.

  • Children and Young People Play Therapy and Counselling - We offer specialist therapeutic support for children and young people between the ages of 4 to 17 years who have been affected by rape, sexual violence, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation. Specialist support for children and young people includes play therapy and one-to-one counselling.

  • ISVA Support - Trust House Reading’s Independent Sexual Violence Advisor will support people affected by rape and sexual abuse in Berkshire. This service is available to people who are aged 18 and above. We accept self-referrals and referrals from other agencies. To access the service please email or call 07809 330 135

  • Email Support - Emotional support, information and advice on accessing other services for people affected by rape and sexual abuse either recently or in the past at


Serving North Hampshire

Client Support Crisis Line - 01256 423 890

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: 7pm - 9pm

Our Crisis Line is staffed by trained volunteers. While we try to answer all the calls at these times, if the line is particularly busy, you may have to leave a message which will be dealt with the following day.

Anyone can leave a message on our Client Support/Crisis line at any time of the day. Any messages that are left during the night are picked up by our staff the next day and responded to within 24 hours Monday to Friday. Messages left at the weekend are not picked up until Monday.


  • Support line

  • Rapid response trauma

  • Individual counselling

  • ISVA



A Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC) provides services to victims of rape or sexual assault regardless of whether the victim reports the offence to the police or not.

SARCs are designed to be comfortable and multi-functional, providing a private space for interviews and examinations (some also offer counselling services). You can have a forensic medical examination, as well as tests for sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. Sexual Assault Referral Centres have specialist staff that are trained to provide medical help and advice and to support you in making informed decisions about what you want to do next.


Many specialist support agencies offer an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) service to victims of rape and sexual assault.

An Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) is trained to look after your needs, and to ensure that you receive care and understanding. They will help you understand how the criminal justice process works, and will explain things to you, such as what will happen if you report to the police if you want to, and the importance of forensic DNA retrieval.

An ISVA is there to provide you with information only, and you are not expected to report any offence to the police unless you wish to do so.